Modern Trends in Digital Publishing

Author: Krishnamurthy

Traditionally, the term publishing referred to the printing and distribution of books and newspapers. With the arrival of the internet and various software systems, the scope of publishing has expanded to the digital media and is currently known by the term Digital Publishing. E-books, digital magazines, digital libraries and catalogues are various forms of digital publications.

Readers can now choose e-books from various resources that are available online, using cloud readers offered by companies like Amazon, Kobo and Overdrive. Apps from Google Play, Sony, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble allow users to download various categories of e-books. E-books can be viewed through various mediums like e-book readers, PCs, mobiles or laptops, making it accessible both online and offline for readers. The idea of e-books has been spoken about since the early 1930s and has now evolved into the present digital form.

EPUB (Electronic Publication Format) and PDF (Portable Document Format) are popular file formats for e-books. EPUB is an open standard that is free of cost and can be used by anyone. It is based on HTML markup at its core. The current version is EPUB 3.0.  Using the EPUB format, the text is optimized for different display devices.

Educational sectors have turned to digital publishing to market their resources to the right audience through e-books, which are enriched with audio and video files to keep the readers engaged for a longer time. E-books are becoming popular in the educational sector because of its easy user interface and interactive content.  In terms of cost, an e-book is more affordable than its traditional counterpart, as it is usually a small fraction of the cost of printed books.

In this technological era, it would be easier for the students to use e-books, considering the fact that the traditional textbooks are heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Texts can be searched and highlighted with just a touch on the screen. The ability to take notes is another prominent feature that helps students. Faculties can easily add their lecture notes and other resources to the e-books to make it more informative for the students.

Recently, TaurusQuest launched its e-publishing services division under the brand name SmartScrolls. SmartScrolls provides e-publishing services to Pre K-12, higher education and other educational publishers.  SmartScrolls produces high quality interactive e-books at an affordable cost and in the desired file formats. Other services for e-books include interactive animations, annotations, cross references, footnotes and rich media content.

The services provided by SmartScrolls have the ability to convert Children’s books, Education, Fiction, Non-fiction, Lifestyle, Travel, Cook books, Journals and Novels into multiple digital formats like:

  • Apple Fixed layout EPUB for iPad and iPhone
  • Kobo Fixed layout EPUB
  • Amazon Kindle formats (KF8, .mobi, .azw)
  • ePib for the Barnes & Noble NOOK
  • EPUB/EPUB3/EPUB3 fixed-layout format
  • Interactive/Animated e-books with Html5, Css3 & Javascript
  • Enhanced eBooks with Video and Audio embedded

The enhanced eBooks are created using the latest standards and technologies, such as ePUB3, HTML5, CSS3 with Javascripts.

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