Our art and design services include book illustrations, cover design and image masking. We work on a broad range from children’s books, to manuals, journals, reference texts, advertisements and even medical texts. Our team is capable of:

  • Scanning (Color, Black and White)
  • Image manipulations
  • Processing single and multi-color jobs
  • Color corrections
  • Redrawing, retouching and relabeling artwork
  • Line Drawing, Technical Drawing, Manual Pencil Drawing, Storyboard Drawing
  • Chemical Drawing and Structural Drawing
  • Creative Art, Cartoon Art, Situational Art and Medical Art
  • Photo works, Maps, Illustrations
  • 2D and 3D Charts

Raster to Vector Conversion

  • Black and White, Grayscale, and Color (8 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit) raster images
  • Convert high gradient color scheme artwork to vectors
  • Restoration of dithered lines for improved vectors of poor quality images

Cover Design

Our design team analyzes the concept of the book and develops cover templates. The cover page design comprises the following life cycle:

  • Understand the central theme/concept of the book
  • Develop multiple templates, based on feedback or suggestions from the author
  • Obtain final approval with a template
  • Develop the final design

Photo Manipulation and Permission Research

Our graphics design team can search for the appropriate photos and images in keeping with the content’s concept.We also research copyright, and secure permission where required for the usage of images.

Layout Design

Our graphics team creates a rough layout for the website based on your inputs. On approval, we enhance the layout using Photoshop and Illustrator.