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SmartScrolls is a unit of TaurusQuest Global Services Private Limited  a corporation, incorporated in India with limited liability; the liability of its owners is restricted to the capital invested in the corporation.

TaurusQuest has its principal office and several delivery centers in India.

TaurusQuest was earlier a division of DataTracks Services Limited (formerly known as TaurusQuest Services Private Limited). TaurusQuest has been serving its customers in US, UK and India since 2005.

TaurusQuest is supervised by an independent majority Board of Directors and managed by a team of professionals with at least a decade of international work experience particularly in the US. TaurusQuest directors, officers and employees are bound by an ethical code of conduct.

What we do

TaurusQuest provides outsourced management of:

  • Publishing services
  • Accounting processes
  • Legal processes
  • Other business processes

TaurusQuest Global Services Private Limited serves clients in the USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

TaurusQuest has its principal office and delivery centers in Chennai, India and marketing/sales offices presence in New York.