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Our delivery center was built with the following in mind:2
Our service delivery centers are divided into three zones:1

Our global delivery center is located in Chennai, India with a capacity for 450 seats in 32,000 square feet of office space. The service delivery zone is a restricted area with all entries/exits controlled, monitored and recorded. All workstations are located within the service delivery zone and contains high quality computing and telecommunication assets. No recording medium or device (paper, pen, USB flash drives, mobile phones with cameras or CD/DVDs) is permitted inside the service delivery zone. No paperwork can be taken out of the service delivery zone. Everything is either stored in the zone or shredded in the zone depending on our archiving policy. Our service delivery center network is ring fenced by firewalls that control access, protect our databases, detect intrusion and provide logical security. Our service delivery centers have IP/VPN bandwidth to the US East Coast, the UK and Europe via two different paths from two different bandwidth vendors; our service delivery centers are also inter-connected via dedicated high-speed private leased lines. Our file servers and email servers are hosted by a hosting service in the United States. All software in our delivery centers is licensed. Our service delivery centers have full power back up from two independent sources to minimize disruption in service due to power outage. For more details write to us at