SmartScrolls, with its strong base in technology, and rich experience, is strategically positioned to support its clients across the globe, in Publishing and Content.

Our experts convert any source ‐ hard copy, digital formats, even microfilm ‐ to any industry standard.

We can do the conversion in any of the output formats, such as eBooks, interactive eBooks or any of the mobile devices. Our capability extends to providing content development for eLearning requirements whether it is in the Education or Corporate sphere.

We can transform the data from any source including PDF, InDesign, QuarkXpress, XML or Word, working with tools either developed by us, or provided by our clients. Our experience includes working on any Content Management System (CMS) and assisting you to implement a CMS most suited to your business needs in the minimum time and at the least cost.

We can extract large databases, do the clean‐up, tag data as per norms, and even check facts and do research as required.

Our experience with Document Type Definitions (DTDs) such as NIMAS, NLM, HTML5 and DocBook 5 enables us validate XML data content and process the data correctly. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) also assist in structuring and tagging content and metadata, thereby enabling ready access to users.