Our Composition Services include

  • STM Books and Journals
  • K-12 Education
  • Professional publishing (Financial, Management, Education, and Technology), English including language and literature
  • Trade publishing
  • Magazine publishing

Our Composition Services team can work with any pagination software such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, LaTeX, 3B2, XPP and MS Word. Besides, we are well‐versed in Math Plugins such as XpressMath, InMath and MathType.

We Specialize in

  • Auto composition tool (InDesign) that produces well-laid out pages instantly
  • Single source input to produce multiple outputs
  • Custom workflow for book, journal and professional publications
  • Faster turnaround time

XML Conversion Services

  • Create DTDs, DTD and schema mapping, perform DTD edits and advise on DTD rules
  • We are experienced in a variety of DTDs including National Library of Medicine (NLM), Journal Publishing DTD, Book Publishing DTD, National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC), DocBook5, TLDoc DTD
  • Generate XML files as per DTDs, convert from one DTD to another, or customize XML based on editing tools and customized style sheets

At SmartScrolls, We receive your inputs as

  • Structured or unstructured manuscripts
  • Digital format or handwritten markups
  • ePUB, MOBI, microfilm or even system application files

We perform

  • Data entry or OCR as required with high accuracy
  • Develop or follow DTD schema or metadata
  • Edit Content
  • Perform quality checks
  • Check for factual errors
  • Incorporate edits
  • Index content

You receive output documents as

  • XML or SGML or any other specified format
  • Our XML workflow process enables the output to be also converted to any of the eBooks and other allied products seamlessly
  • Online eBooks or PDF or as ready‐to‐print files