Proofreading Services :
We carefully proofread documents, generally adopting the same guidelines that we use for copyediting and ensure content accuracy.

Pre‐Editing Services :
We can format manuscripts, provide references and cross‐references for citations, tables and equations using a set of specific rules, and further query the concerned copyeditor for specific points not covered.

Indexing Services :
We can perform indexing services based on keyword, author name, subject or product, which can facilitate entries to be made in any of the three tiers namely first, second or third tier.

Copyediting Services :
Our subject experts can perform technical editing, content verification and text permissions either with your in‐house style guides or create custom styles for all the 3 levels of editing. We have experience in handling styles covered under CMS, AMS, APA, AMA and so on.

Our copyeditors have the expertise to understand the intent of the author and finetune the style and presentation in a clear and concise manner and use appropriate words and ideas to present the content.

We have developed workflows and tools for copyediting which can enable a collaborative output with off‐shore copy editors in English and other languages.